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Yo La Tengo – Fade – Matador

When did I start to love Yo La Tengo? Well, I guess it was 1993 when Painful came out. I am big fan since then and I didn’t miss a single release, I even ordered ‘The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science’ CD directly from the YLT website 10 years or so ago just to have some new YLT stuff, even though this wasn’t a proper album release. But I never got the chance to see them live. Until now. One of the four concerts in Germany will be in Frankfurt on 11th of March and I already got tickets, yeah…

Fade is not the best YLT album ever, in fact some tracks remind me to good old ‘Painful!’. But ‘Fade’ is probably the best since ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out’. Still my favourite is ‘Electr-O-Pura’, though.

The Youtube videos will be available outside Germany only. Or use IP hiding proxies.

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