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The +spatze.com tracks of the year 2010

Just before the year ends here are my ten favourite tracks of 2010. The +spatze.com record of the year will be announced very soon but I can already say that it is not from one of the artists listed below. Stay tuned.

The +spatze.com Top 10 tracks of the year 2010:

Posthuman – Stockholm Syndrome Part I (from Syn Emergence)
Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis (from Lucky Shiner)
Plaid – Trail (from V/A – L.E.V. 2010)
Anodyne – Corrosion (from Corrosion)
Tropics – Soft Vision (from Soft Vision EP)
Shed – Atmo-Action (from The Traveller)
Scuba – Three Sided Shape (from Triangulation)
Ital Tek – Strangelove V.I.P. (from Midnight Colour)
UNKLE – Every Dream Comes To An End (from OST Follow Me Down)
Mrs Jynx – Roundabout (from Shark Carousel)

A number of these tracks actually represent entire albums which I enjoyed very much this year (Posthuman, Scuba, Gold Panda etc.). However, these tracks make a superb playlist on your iPod/iPhone/iWhatever during lousy winter days.

Stream here for Posthuman’s latest album Syn Emergence including the +spatze.com track of the year 2010 (starting at around minute 16):

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