This article was written on 27 May 2010, and is filed under News + Features.

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The Black Dog – Music For Real Airports – Soma

One of the best albums this year – so far. The ‘mighty’ Black Dog with a reprise to Brian Eno’s ‘Music For Airports’ which reminds me very much to the atmospheric sounds of ‘Silenced’ a superb but rather unknown album from tbd. ‘Music For Real Airports’ is best described on the Soma news site: ‘Anyone who travels by air will have been puzzled by the way that airports tend to reduce us to worthless pink blobs of flesh, the human equivalent of the bags on the conveyor belt. Yet despite the frustration of being in that atmosphere, some of the best of human nature is revealed, alongside some of the very worst. Airports make for great “people watching”’. The artistic intent of Music for Real Airports is therefore to examine the nature of airports and to explore what they could be.’

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