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Beach House / The Black Dog

Beach House and The Black Dog will release new stuff very soon. Beach House’s seventh album ‘7’ will be released ‘later this spring’ and TBD will even drop two of them at the end of […]

Mar, 18

The Black Dog – Radio Dogma

There are currently not so many releases which deserve my attention and which are worth to share with you. And so it’s time to recommend the podcasts of the mighty Black Dog. They constantly release […]

Oct, 09

The +spatze.com record of the year 2015

Dumb Flesh from Blanck Mass is the +spatze.com record of the year 2015 even though it says recorded in 2014 on the cover. Recorded in 2014 but released in 2015 and it’s a perfect album […]

Dec, 22

+spatze.com tracks of the year 2015 part II

+spatze.com tracks of the year 2015 part II from M-Z – in alphabetic order by track name Mission Creep – Thom Yorke & 3D (Massive Attack) – UK Gold OST Moonface – Kölsch – 1983 […]

Dec, 13

The Black Dog – Neither/Neither – Dust Science

Great news! The Black Dog are going to release their new album in August on their own imprint Dust Science. The 22 minute preview on Soundcloud sounds very promising. Listen here:

Jul, 16

+spatze.com tracks of the year 2014 part II

+spatze.com tracks of the year 2014 part II from J-Z – in alphabetic order by track name Just You – Addison Groove – from Presents James Grieve Lilac – Eno & Hyde – from High […]

Dec, 15

Application – System Fork – Dust Science

Application are two third of mighty The Black Dog – the brothers Richard and Martin Dust. And they just dropped an interesting concept album ‘System Fork’ with more structure and design and less improvisation. I […]

Jul, 18


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