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+spatze.com tracks of the year 2013 Part I

It was such a good year with so many excellent albums and tracks that I decided to list more than 20 tracks like I did last year. Actually I could have listed a hundred tracks […]

Dec, 06

Keep Shelly In Athens – At Home – Cascine

Kypseli is an area in Athens and Keep Shelly a pun on this district. I have never been to Athens or even Greece so I don’t know what’s so special on Kypseli. Maybe it’s just […]

Sep, 20
The +spatze.com tracks of the year 2012

The +spatze.com tracks of the year 2012

Another fantastic year for electronic music lovers, I could list 50 or 100 tracks here but here the +spatze.com Top-20 tracks of 2012. 1. Shed – Day After (from The Killer) 2. Rone – Beast […]

Dec, 25


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