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The +spatze.com record of the year 2013

Late summer 2013, a small town in the outskirts of Frankfurt. Sitting on a plastic chair on my little terrace, it’s getting dark already. I have opened my second beer and light a cigarillo with […]

Dec, 28

+spatze.com tracks of the year 2013 Part I

It was such a good year with so many excellent albums and tracks that I decided to list more than 20 tracks like I did last year. Actually I could have listed a hundred tracks […]

Dec, 06

Jackson & His Computer Band – Glow – WARP

8 years after ‘Smash’ Jackson Fourgeaud aka Jackson & His Computer Band (a band doesn’t actually exist) will release the successor ‘Glow’ at the beginning of September. ‘Smash’ was +spatze.com record of the year in […]

Jul, 28
8 years +spatze.com music blog

8 years +spatze.com music blog

I would like to thank all those who follow the +spatze.com music pages over all the years. Times change and so does music and styles but also the +spatze.com design and the way of presenting all […]

Apr, 15
Last five +spatze.com records of the year

Last five +spatze.com records of the year

The last five +spatze.com records of the year: 2006 Various Production – The World Is Gone (XL Rec.) 2005 Jackson & His Computer Band – Smash (WARP) 2004 Mouse On Mars – Radical Connector (Sonig) […]

Jan, 03


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