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Shed – The Killer – 50 Weapons

Rene Pawlowitz just released the third album under his moniker Shed and this is clearly one of the techno highlights this year. ‘The Killer’ is a real killer album with an intense and bombastic bass which will literally kill your subwoofers. Enough killer allusions. The Frankfurt born (well the East-German Frankfurt near Berlin, not the bankers capital in West-Germany) Berghain star produced another fantastic record after his highly acclaimed predecessors ‘Shedding The Past’ and ‘The Traveller’. ‘Atmo-Action’ from the latter was amongst the Top 10 +spatze.com tracks in 2010. The stunning dark and bass driven tracks on ‘The Killer’ come with a gentle IDM touch and ‘Day After’ and ‘Ride On’ are on my tracks of this year’s list already.

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