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Scuba – Claustrophobia – Hotflush

Scuba Claustrophobia

Caution: Do not listen to this album if you plan a scuba cave dive soon.

Scuba diving with claustrophobia is extremely dangerous. If you get claustrophobic 100 feet underwater you will most likely die. I am a scuba diver and I don’t feel comfortable in tight rooms. Well, I am not claustrophobic but can imagine how it feels like to get in panic underwater. I am not sure if Paul Rose aka Scuba is a diver and if the title of his new album is anyhow related to how it would feel like to get claustrophobic underwater. But Claustrophobia could be the ideal soundtrack to an unsafely dive inside a wreck or venture through a cave without a buddy, without underwater lights and running out of air. This album is deep and dark but surely fascinating and highly recommended to all non scuba divers.

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