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Rone – Tohu Bohu – Infine

Rone’s first album ‘Spanish Breakfast’ was a nice piece of electronic music containing some melodious minimal house and ambient tracks. Nice but not epic. I still wonder why he used saxophone samples in ‘La Dame Blanche’ which in my eyes killed this wonderful track. I can’t deny I really hate saxophone, worst music instrument beside pan pipes.

Anyway, Erwan Castex, who recently relocated to Berlin just released his second album ‘Tohu Bohu’ and this time it comes without weird wind instrument samples. It is full of beautiful IDM melodies and ambient sounds. Every listen I can find new sounds in the multiple layers of almost all tracks. ‘Beast’and ‘La Grande Ourse’ are classic IDM and sound like early Yimino tracks with BoC-esque synth lines  and speech samples – simply great. ‘Parade’ and ‘Lili…Wood’ are full of joy and sun, can’t get the melodies out of my head. Actually every track on ‘Tohu Bohu’ is superb and worth mentioning, only ‘Let’s go’ feat. Hight Priest (Antipop Consortium) doesn’t really fit in my eyes. Well, there are no saxophone samples in that track or something but because of the lyrics it is somehow very different from the rest and a bit disturbing. Hence, Tohu Bohu is a 9.5/10 but still or better and so one of the best IDM/ambient albums of this year.

Rone – Tohu Bohu – snippets of all tracks

Rone – Parade

Rone – Fugu Kiss

Rone – Let’s Go

Rone – King of Batoofam


  1. Collin W.
    8 November 2012

    What the f, the lyrics sound kind of awesome when Rone fucks with High Priest’s vocals. How is it disturbing?

  2. spatze
    8 November 2012

    OK the track is not so bad but I simply don’t need lyrics in music. Still a superb album of course.

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