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Posthuman – Nebula EP – Acroplane

I recently received two exclusive full preview tracks from Posthuman’s new EP ‘Nebula’ which is due to be released on 16th of April and followed by a series of mixes a couple of weeks later. The tracks ‘Synapses’ and ‘Tessier Ashpool’ sound promising – decent and timeless acid techno stuff. But there seem to be some more hidden jewels on this EP. ‘Marrus Environ’ even has a touch of dubstep but ‘Genetic Coders’ and ‘Nebula’ contain some of these typical and unique Posthuman tunes which I like very much.

It’s not going to be expensive I suppose. Acroplane is a small Irish netlabel with reasonable prices. I just purchased Anodyne’s latest 5-track release ‘We Decode The Future’ for fair 3,50 quid. ‘Nebula’ will be around the same. Support the small labels and independent artists!

Preview ‘Nebula’ here:

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