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Posthuman – Hilda Family EP – Myuzyk

After the split from Seed and his mate Richard Bevan, Josh Doherty continued with the Posthuman project which I appreciate very much. Posthuman is one of my all time favourites since the master piece “Grey Album” in 2000. Josh now returns with an incredible EP called “Hilda Family” released on the netlabel Myuzyk. All of the tracks on this EP were actually leftover from The People’s Republic album period but newly mixed and mastered – awesome!

You can download the complete EP for free (MP3 or FLAC) – click here.


  1. Josh Posthuman
    21 September 2008

    thanks for the kind words
    though it should be noted, rich & i are still writing together 🙂

  2. spatze
    24 September 2008

    Josh, you simply deserve it. Good to hear you are still working with Rich. Keep on guys!

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