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Plaid – Scintilli – WARP

Finally, after 8 long, desperate years Plaid will release Scintilli on 25/26 September 2011.  As a curious person I will certainly download the album when it leaks but I already pre-ordered the CD too. The initial CD version seems to be limited coming in some sort of Japanese puzzle pack.

02.Eye Robot
05.Tender Hooks
06.Craft Nine
09.Talk to Us
10.35 Summers
11.African Woods
13.At Last

’35 Summers’ sounds promising, influenced by their cooperative work with the Southbank Gamelan Players:

Edit 24/08: First track from the new album available for download:

Reminds me a bit to the beginning of  ‘Spokes’ – the +spatze.com record of the year 2003 – good omen.


  1. Chris Taylor
    11 August 2011

    you support pirated music when you download tracks

  2. spatze
    11 August 2011

    I don’t share what I download. Well, this is how it goes these days with music (also films, e-books etc.) and the music industry failed so far to offer acceptable concepts and formats. I do pay for what I like as I want to support these musicians.

    To XXX,
    Thank you for your order – your transaction has been processed securely by Bleep.com.
    Please retain a copy of this email for your records

    Bleep.com Order Info :
    Order No : BLP1312400700
    Order Date : 2011-08-03 20:45:00
    Account Name :
    Receipt Date : 2011-08-03 20:45:00
    Order Contents :
    Artist Title Format Quantity Price
    Plaid scintilli CD 1 12.78
    TOTAL DUE : €12.77
    Payment successfully debited from your PayPal account:

  3. anonymous
    16 August 2011

    This is going to be massive!

  4. spatze
    5 September 2011

    …ha, there was no need to look for a leak site. Just received the early digital from Bleep. Scintilli is much darker than I anticipated. But is it epic? Need to listen to it a few more times…

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