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Plaid – Live Sprout Session

Plaid Live Sprout Session

Beautiful new live session from Plaid with tunes from their latest album ‘Reachy Prints‘ but also some previously unrelaed stuff. Very enjoyable.

This is supposedly the tracklist (not confirmed) according to ThePlaided YouTube channel.

1 Unknown
2 Wallet (from Reachy Prints)
3 Elevator (enhanced version of track 4 from Hope soundtrack thatwas never released)
4 Min-Y-Llan – His-Hell – PlaidRemix (from V/A ‘Touched‘)
5 Unknown
6 OH (from Reachy Prints)
7 Hui (from V/A ‘Music Sans Frontiers‘)
8 Away (from Reachy Prints Japanese Version bonus track)
9 Nafovanny (from Reachy Prints)
10 Tether (from Reachy Prints)

Download or stream here: Plaid – Live Sprout Session

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