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Phon.O – Black Boulder – 50 Weapons

Currently playing a few new records in rotation with my Teenage Fanclub collection. Well, there is no relation or whatsoever between these records. I just mention it here as I enjoyed a number of their records and concerts very much. All in the mid-90’s when I was very young – I remember a concert in Dusseldorf, I believe there was another one in Hamburg I joint with my best friend and the wonderful Brighton Festival in May 1997.

OK, coming back to the current stuff, I am listening to St. Etienne’s new record ‘Words and Music by Saint Etienne’ (lovely as usual), Beach House’s ‘Bloom’ (it grows) and Phon.O’s ‘Black Boulder’. There is a superb review on The Milk Factory, highly recommended, no more to add.

And after Phon.O I will insert ‘Bandwagonesque’ and ‘Thirteen’ again. Sooooo good memories.

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  1. djdaddykool
    12 June 2012

    Yes Beach House is a release I find myself singing along with more and more, brilliant. The last one to do that was the Tame Impalas.
    The Phon.O is excellent as well.

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