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October 2015 recommendations

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Here some more October recommendations. First of all, Benjamin Damage with his excellent second album ‘Obsidian’ on 50Weapons which is my highlight this month. My 2nd recommendation is Zomby’s new set of EP’s ‘Let’s Jam’ 1 and 2 released on XL recordings. Throwing Snow finally dropped the last of three excellent EP’s on Houndstooth called ‘Xema’. Beach House surprise with another album just two months after they released ‘Depression Cherry’. And last but not least Steve Hauschildt’s wonderful album ‘Where All Is Fled’.


  1. djdaddykool
    7 November 2015

    The latest Beach House is indeed brilliant. Much more organic feel then Cherry. I have a hard time with the fact that the albums resonate with me at polar opposites.

  2. djdaddykool
    7 November 2015

    Check out vessels. On the post rock side of things but very nice.
    Thanks for the recs.

  3. spatze
    7 November 2015

    Yes I agree, I like Lucky Stars more than Cherry. My favourite track is ‘All Your Yeahs’ – really beautiful. Will check out Vessels, thanks for the recommendations. Cheers Spatze

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