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Mogwai – Les Revenants – OST

Soundtracks are my passion. And when Mogwai produces a soundtrack I prick my ears. The cool thing about Mogwai’s soundtrack to the French TV series “Les Revenants” is that the guys produced the tracks before they started filming (read the interview here). The soundtrack actually sounds like a proper Mogwai  album and not like a typical score collection. The mixture of Mogwai’s multiple guitars, the piano, cello and string arrangements works perfectly. I hope they will play a few of the songs live during their next tour as I really enjoyed Mogwai in Frankfurt as part of the “Hardcore Will Never Die..” tour in 2011.

I haven’t got the clue whether the series is worth watching but the music is great. It’s not Mogwai’s first soundtrack, I loved “The Fountain” soundtrack and the film which combines one my favourite director Darren Aronofsky, genius Clint Mansell and Mogwai.

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