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M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming – Mute

Much anticipated follow-up to 2008’s sensational ‘Saturdays=Youth’ which consequently became the +spatze.com record of the year. M83 aka Anthony Gonzalez is my favourite electronic shoegazer so expectations on ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ were high.

The new double album supposed to bridge the gap of the two previous albums with a lot of small pieces of ambient music to connect all the 22 tracks. In another interview he mentioned to release his most complete album as it’s a mix of all his albums. And that’s quite how it is.

Whilst ‘Midnight City’ and ‘Reunion’ are more-less continuations of ‘Saturday=Youth’ is ‘This Bright Flash’ a typical ‘Before The Dawn Heals Us’ track. And ‘Where The Boats Go’ and ‘Another Wave From You’ could have been part of ‘Digital Shades Vol.2’ (I hope it will be released some time).

Gonzalez’ high and rather thin voice is very present and disturbing at the beginning but then fitting to the concept and atmosphere of the album. The 80’s are everywhere. ‘Claudia Lewis’ and ‘Klaus I Love You’ have this 80’s bass lines and percussions sounding like the Miami Vice opening theme.

‘Raconte-Moi Une Historie’ has even reminiscences to the wonderful Lemon Jelly. It’s a sophisticated pop album and definitely one of the best albums this year – highly recommended.

01. Intro (feat. Zola Jesus)
02. Midnight City
03. Reunion
04. Where the Boats Go
05. Wait
06. Raconte-Moi Histoire
07. Train to Pluton
08. Claudia Lewis
09. This Bright Flash
10. When Will You Come Home?
11. Soon, My Friend

01. My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
02. New Map
03. OK Pal
04. Another Wave from You
05. Splendor
06. Year One, One UFO
07. Fountains
08. Steve McQueen
09. Echoes of Mine
10. Klaus I Love You
11. Outro

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