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Jon Hopkins – Immunity – Domino Rec.

Excellent first half year for you electronic music lovers out there. The Black Dog, Thom Yorke, Autechre, Boards of Canada etc. all came up with new fantastic releases and there is even more in the pipe. Gold Panda will release’ Half Of Where You Live’ but I am not so sure after the disappointing Trust EP. I am more excited about Zomby’s new double album ‘With Love’. CD1 has already leaked and it’s a killer (half-)release with a mixture of very different styles. The two drum’n’bass tracks Overdose and 777 are massive – the best d’n’b tracks in ages!

Coming back to the present. I am currently enjoying Jon Hopkins ‘Immunity’ very much. I knew him for his collaboration work with Brian Eno and the soundtrack for ‘Monsters’ which was good but not remarkable. That changed with ‘Immunity’, teaser of this excellent album here:

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