+spatze.com collection list
I have a lot of rare and very rare CD’s which I am willing to give away for a fair price. Please search my collection and if you like something drop an email to
info(at)spatze.com with the artist and title of the CD you want.

Artist Title Format Label Info
808 State Outpost Transmission CD Shadow
A1 People The Yellow Album CD Hydrogen Dukebox Promo
A1 People The Reason EP CD Hydrogen Dukebox Cardboard sleeve
Add N To (X) Add Insult To Injury CD Mute Promo in Cardboard sleeve with different cover
Adorable Fake CD Creation
Adventures In Stereo Alternative Stereo Sounds CD Marina
Adventures In Stereo Adventures In Stereo CD Creeping Bent
Adventures In Stereo Monomania CD Bobsled Rec. Digipack
Air 10000 Hz Legend CD Source
Air Moon Safari CD Source
Air Premiers Symptomes CD Source
Air Talkie Walkie CD Source
Air Miami Me Me Me CD 4AD
Al Jabr One Million and Three CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Alaska Virtual Virtuosos 2CD Vibez Exclusive Edition
Alderandelius Parental Guidance CD Skam
Alex Gopher You My Baby & I CD V2
Andy Stott Merciless CD Modern Love
Andy Votel Styles Of The Unexpected CD XL-Recordings
Aphex Twin Drukqs 2CD WARP
Aphex Twin 26 Mixes For Cash 2CD WARP Digipack
AFX Chosen Lords CD Rephlex Digipack
Aromabar 1 CD Infracom
Arovane Atol Scrap CD DIN Cardboard sleeve
Arovane Tides CD City Centre Offices
Arovane Lilies CD City Centre Offices Digipack
Arovane_Phonem Aer(Valid) CD Vertical Form Digipack
Audioweb Audioweb CD Mother
Autechre EP7 CD WARP
Autechre Gantz Graf EP CD/DVD WARP
B12 Time Tourist CD WARP
B12 Electro-Soma CD WARP
Baby Ford And The Ifach Collective pres. Sacred Machine CD EFA Digipack
Badmarsh & Shri Signs CD Outcaste
Bangbang Je T´aime Je T´aime CD Yellow Digipack
Basement Jaxx Rooty CD XL-Recordings
Basement Jaxx The Singles CD/DVD XL-Recordings Special Edition
BCD/BioChemical Dread Bush Doctrine CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Beatnik Filmstars Astronaut House CD LA-DI-DA Ltd. Edition contains little bag with pictures
Beatnik Filmstars Boss Disque CD Nois-O-Lution
Beaumont Hannant Basic Data Manipulation - Tastes And Textures Vol.2 CD GPR
Beige Ein Königreich für eine Handgranate CD EFA Digipack
Bent Programmed To Love CD SPORT
Bent The Everlasting Blink CD Sound Recordings Advance promo version in medical pack with stickers, photos, and promo sheet
Bentley Rhythm Ace For Your Ears Only CD Parlophone
Billy Bragg Don´t Try This At Home CD Go!
Black Dog Productions Bytes CD WARP
Blacworld Subdubing Demons (In South Yorkshire) CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Blue States Man Mountain CD XL-Recordings Special Case
Blue States The Soundings CD Pias Promo
Blue States Nothing Changes Under The Sun CD Memphis
Blur Leisure CD EMI
Boards Of Canada In A Beatiful Place In The Country CD WARP
Boards Of Canada Peel Session CD WARP
Boards Of Canada Music Has The right To Children CD WARP
Boards Of Canada Geogaddi CD WARP
Boards Of Canada High Scores EP CD Skam Cardboard sleeve
Boards Of Canada Twoism CD WARP Digipack
Boards Of Canada The Campfire Headphase CD WARP Ltd. 8-Page-Digipack
Boards Of Canada Trans Canada Highway CD/DVD WARP Ltd. Edition incl. Dayvan Cowboy DVD
Bob Geldof The Vegetarians Of Love CD Warner
Bob Sinclar Paradise CD Yellow
Bodycount Bodycount CD Warner
Bola Mauver EP CD Skam Cardboard sleeve
Bola Soup CD Skam
Bola Fyuti CD Skam
Bola Shapes CD Skam Digipack
Bola Gnayse CD Skam Ltd. 8-Page-Digipack
Bola Kroungrine CD Skam Digipack
Boom Bip Seed To Sun CD Lex Records Slipcase with fold-out card insert
Broadcast The Noise Made By People CD WARP
Broadcast Work And Non Work CD WARP
Buffalo Tom Big Red Letter Day CD Beggars Banquet
Buffalo Tom Let Me Come Over CD Beggars Banquet
Buffalo Tom Birdbrain CD SPV
Cabaret Voltaire The Conversation 2CD R&S Ltd. Edition - Richard H. Kirk
Capitol K Sounds Of The Empire CD Planet Mu
Capitol K Island Row CD Planet Mu First Edtion on Planet Mu
Casino Versus Japan Whole Numbers Play The Basics CD Carpark Digipack
Casino Versus Japan Hitori + Kaiso (1998-2001) 2CD Attack Nine
Cee-Mix Low Flying Fragments CD Incoming
Chekov Turntable Soul Kicks CD Decktronics Promo in cardboard sleeve
Christ Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle CD Benbecula Promo in cardboard sleeve
Claro Intelecto Neurofibro CD AI Records Digipack
Cocteau Twins Milk & Kisses CD Capitol
Cocteau Twins Evangeline CDS Capitol
Coldcut Journeys By DJ CD JDJ
Computerjockeys Plankton CD Island Promo in cardboard sleeve
Concord Dawn Uprising CD Uprising Rec.
Concord Dawn Disturbance CD Low Profile
Cuba Leap Of Faith CD 4AD
Cubanate Cyberia CD Dynamica
D´arcangelo Broken Toys Corner CD Rephlex
Daft Punk Homework CD Virgin
Dark Magus Night Watchmen CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Death In Vegas The Contino Sessions CD Deconstruction
Death In Vegas Dead Elvis CD Concrete
Death In Vegas Scorpio Rising CD BMG
Death In Vegas Satan`s Circus 2CD Drone Ltd. Edition, Digipack
Del Amitri Del Amitri CD Chrysalis
Del Amitri Waking Hours CD A&M
Del Amitri Spit In The Rain CDS A&M Cardboard sleeve
Del Amitri Stone Cold Sober CDS A&M Cardboard sleeve
Del Amitri Move Away Jimmy Blue CDS A&M Cardboard sleeve
Del Amitri Change Everything CD A&M
Del Amitri Just Like A Man CDS A&M
Del Amitri Kiss This Thing Goodbye CDS A&M
Del Amitri Always The Last To Know CDS A&M
Del Amitri Be My Downfall CDS A&M
Dextro Winded CD 16k Records Digipack
Died Pretty Every Brilliant Eye CD Beggars Banquet
Diesel Park West Shakespeare Alabama CD EMI
Digitonal 2002-2006: A Sampler CD Digitonal Cardboard sleeve
Digitonal The Centre Can Not Hold EP CD Seed Records
DJ Q TwentyFour7even CD Dorado
DJ Q Face The Music CD Dorado
DJ Q Music As We Know It CD Glasgow Underground
DJ Shadow The Private Press CD A&M
Drugstore Solitary Party Groover CDS Honey Digipack
Dubstar Disgraceful CD EMI
Dubstar Goodbye CD EMI Fold-out Digipak with a dial-a-song wheel
Eat Epicure CD Fiction
Eboman Donuts With Buddah CD Prime
Echobelly On CD Rhythm King
Elec.Inpho 3.000.000 CD Elektrolux Special Case
Electronic Eye The Idea Of Justice CD Beyond Richard H. Kirk
Electronic Eye Closed Circuit 2CD Beyond Records Richard H. Kirk
EMF Schubert Dip CD EMI
Faith No More Angel Dust CD Slash New Version incl. "Easy"
Faith No More Introduce Yourself CD Slash
Faith No More King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime CD Slash
Faith No More Album Of The Year CD Slash
Faith No More Digging The Grave 1 CDS Slash
Faith No More Digging The Grave 2 CDS Slash
Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Another Body Murdered CDS Immortal Records
Fatboy Slim Halfway Between The Gutter and the Stars CD Skint
Fatboy Slim You´ve Come A Long Way, Baby 2CD Skint Limited edition incl. bonus CD with rare B sides
Fatboy Slim Live On Brighton Beach CD Southern Fried Rec.
Fatboy Slim Palookaville CD Skint
FC/Kahuna Machine Says Yes CD City Rockers
Fish Songs From The Mirror CD Fishy
Flying Nuns Pilot CD Matador
Frank Black Frank Black CD 4AD
Funkstörung Appetite For Disctruction CD Studio K7
Funkstörung Appendix CD Studio K7 Promo
Germ Gone CD GPR
Germ Parrot CD GPR
Gescom Key Nell CD Skam
Gescom A1-D1 CD Skam Digipack
Global Goon Vatican Nitez CD Rephlex
Groove Armada Lovebox CD Jive Records
Herbert Around The House CD Phonograph Digipack
Herbert Grönemeyer Sprünge CD EMI
Herbert Grönemeyer Chaos CD EMI
Herbert Grönemeyer Ö CD EMI
Herbert Grönemeyer Luxus CD EMI
Herbst in Peking Terrible Herbst CD Stay Hip Rec. Digipack
Herbst In Peking Herbst In Peking CD EMI
House Of Love Audience With The Mind CD Fontana
House Of Love Feel CDS Fontana
Ian Pooley Since Then CD V2 Promo in Cardboard sleeve with different cover
Ian Simmonds Return To X CD Studio K7 Digipack
Ian Simmonds Last States Of Nature CD Studio K7
Jackson And His Computer Band Smash 2CD WARP Ltd. Edition incl. Bonus CD "Smash Up Megamix 1.0"
Jake Mandell Quondam Current CD Force-Inc.
Jake Mandell The Placekick EP CD Carpark Special Case
Jake Mandell Love Songs For Machines CD Carpark
Jake Mandell Parallel Processes CD Worm Interface Rec.
James Seven CD Fontana
Jamiroquai Emergency On Planet Earth CD Sony
Jean Michel Marshmallow Rooms CD Eleganz
Jean Michel New Medium Softpack CD Eleganz Digipack
Jega Geometry CD Matador
Jello Voile CD Peacefrog Digipack
Jimmy Edgar Color Strip 2CD WARP Ltd. Edition incl. Bonus CD "Rhythmic Denial"
Jimmy Somerville The Singles Collection CD FFRR
Jingo De Lunch B.Y.E. CD Phonogram
Jori Hulkkonen When No One Is Watching We Are Invisible CD F-Comm
Jori Hulkkonen Different CD Pias Special Press Kit with videos
Juryman The Hill CD SSR Digipack
Juryman Escape To Where CD SSR Digipack
Justice Viewpoints CD Hydrogen Dukebox
J-Walk A Night On The Rocks CD Eastwest
Kemistry & Storm DJ Kicks CD Studio K7
Ken Ishii Jelly Tones CD R&S
Kenny Larkin Azimuth CD WARP
Kid Loco Blues Project CD Yellow Digipack
Kid Loco Kill Your Darlings CD Yellow Digipack
Kid Loco Dj Kicks CD Studio K7 Promo
King Of Woolworths Ming Star CD Mantra Digipack
King Of Woolworths Dew Point EP CD Mantra Digipack
King Of Woolworths L´Illustration Musicale CD Mantra Digipack
Klute Casual Bodies CD Certificate 18
Klute Lie, Cheat & Steal + You Should Be Ahamed 2CD Commercial Suicide Promo
Klute Fear Of People CD Certificate 18
Klute No One`s Listening Anymore 2CD Commercial Suicide
Klute Total Self EP CD Certificate 18
Kruder Dorfmeister The K&D Sessions 2CD Studio K7 Digipack
Laika Good Looking Blues CD Too Pure
Lalo Schifrin Bullitt CD Warner Remixes by The Black Dog
Layo & Bushwacka! Night Works CD XL-Recordings Digipack
Le Hammond Inferno My First Political Dance Album CD Bungalow
Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons CD XL-Recordings Special Case
Lemon Jelly Space Walk CDS XL-Recordings
Lemon Jelly Lemonjelly.KY CD XL-Recordings Special Case
Lemon Jelly 64-95 CD XL-Recordings Special Case
LFO Basic Flannel Mixed By LFO (The M-People Years) CD WARP WARPSAMP2, Cardboard sleeve
LHB Tell´em Who We Are CD Telstar Records Digipack
Lo Fidelity Allstars How To Operate With A Blown Mind CD Skint
London Elektricity Pull The Plug CD Hospital
London Elektricity Billion Dollar Gravy CD Hospital Rec. Promo
Longpigs The Sun Is Often Out CD Mother
Lou Reed Magic And Loss CD Warner
LTJ Bukem Earth 4 CD Good Looking Rec. In paper box
Lush Gala CD 4AD
Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible CD Sony
Maps And Diagrams Antennas And Signals CD Moamoo Ltd. 1000, Japan OBI
Maps And Diagrams & Verbose Awkward 19 3"CD Awkward Silence Recordings Ltd. Edition
Mapstation Soulstaticsound CD Soulstaticsound Digipack
Mapstation A Way To Find The Day CD Staubgold
Marschmellows Swat CD Infracom
Marschmellows Rebound CD Infracom
Massive Attack Mezzanine CD Virgin
Massive Attack 100th Window CD Virgin
Massonix Subtracks CD Skam
Matthew Rozeik & Ylid Awkward 23 3"CD Awkward Silence Recordings Ltd. Edition
Mazzy Star Among My Swan CD Capitol
Mazzy Star So Tonight That I Might See CD Capitol
Mazzy Star She Hangs Brightly CD Capitol
Meam Meam CD/DVD Skam Incl. DVD, Special Case
Medicine Shot Forth Self Living CD Def American Recordings
Medicine Time Baby 3 CDS American Recordings
Midfield General Generalisation CD Skint
Midnight Oil Forgotten Years 3"CD CBS
Miguel Graca Soulnomind/Shining Stars CD Bombay Rec.
Mike Ladd Nostalgialator CD Studio K7 Promo
Mogwai Ten Rapid CD Jetset
Mogwai 4 Satin EP CD Chemikal Underground
Moloko I Am Not A Doctor CD Roadrunner
Molotov ?Donde Jugaran Las Ninas? CD BMG
Mono Formica Blues 2CD Echo Ltd. Edition
Monomorph Departure Can Wait CD Nature Records D´arcangelo
Mouse On Mars Actionist Respoke CDS Sonig Including orginal autographs
Mouse On Mars Radical Connector CD Sonig Promo
Mouse On Mars Send Me Shivers/Wipe That Sound CD Sonig Promo
Mr. 76ix Hits Of 76ix CD Skam Digipack
Mr. 76ix Hits Of 76ix par2 CD Skam Digipack
Mr. Gone Looking At The Future... Part Two CD Internal Bass
Mucho Macho Death On Wild Onion Drive CD Wiiija
Mucho Macho The Limehouse Link CD Wiiija
Mu-Ziq Lunatic Harness CD Virgin
Mu-Ziq Urmur Bile Trax Vol1 Vol2 CD Virgin
My Bloody Valentine Isn´t Anything CD Warner
My Bloody Valentine Loveless CD Creation
Nautilus & Uga Awkward 20 3"CD Awkward Silence Recordings Ltd. Edition
Nav Katze Never Mind The Distortion CD SSR
Ned´s Atomic Dustbin Are You Normal? CD Sony
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Body Exit Mind CD Play It Again Sam
Nightmares On Wax Carboot Soul CD WARP Ltd. Edition
Nirvana In Utero CD Geffen
Nitrogen Intoxica 2CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Northside Chicken Rhythms CD Factory
Op:l Bastards The Job CD Form&Function Promo in cardboard sleeve
Orb Cydonia CD Universal Island
Orchestra Terrestrial Here And Elsewhere CD Die Stadt Ltd. Edition No. 0094 out of 1000, Richard H. Kirk
OST Fight Club CD 20th Century Fox The Dust Brothers aka Chemcial Brothers
OST The Virgin Suicides CD Virgin Air
OST Lost In Space CD Sony
OST The Doors CD Elektra
OST PI CD Silva Screen Clint Mansell
Pale Saints In Ribbons CD 4AD
Pale Saints Slow Buildings CD 4AD
Palm Skin Productions Remilixir CD Virgin
Palm Skin Productions Künstruk CD Pussyfoot
Paul Davis Stranger In The City CD EFA
Photek Modus Operandi CD Virgin
Photek Solaris CD Virgin
PJ Harvey Dry CD Too Pure
Plaid Double Figure CD WARP Promo in Zomba cardboard sleeve
Plaid Not For Threes CD WARP
Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork CD WARP
Plaid Trainer 2CD WARP Cardboard sleeve
Plaid Peel Session CD WARP
Plaid Undoneson CD WARP
Plaid P-Brane EP CD WARP
Plaid Remixes - Parts In The Post 2CD Peacefrog
Plaid Dial-P CD WARP WARPSAMP2, Cardboard sleeve
Plaid Spokes CD WARP Limited 6-Page Digipack
Plaid Greedy Baby CD/DVD WARP Promo
Plaid / Mind Over Rhythm Meets The Man From Plaid On The Plant Luv CD Rumble
Plexiq 20000 CD EFA Promo in cardboard sleeve
Plone For Beginner Piano CD WARP
Plus One Bare Necessities CD Defocus produced by Plaid
Pnau Sambanova CD Peking Duck Rec.
Pop Will Eat Itself This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is This! CD BMG
Porno For Pyros Porno For Pyros CD Warner
Posthuman The Uncertainty Of The Monkey CD Seed Records
Posthuman Posthuman EP CD Seed Records
Posthuman The Peoples Republic CD Seed Records
Posthuman Lagrange Point CD Seed Records
Prefuse 73 Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives CD WARP Promo in Zomba cardboard sleeve
Primal Scream XTRMNTR CD Creation
Pub Single CD Ampoule Records Cardboard sleeve
Pub Legless CD Ampoule Records Cardboard sleeve
Pub Liltmor CD Ampoule Records
Pub Sekatuo Ton CD Ampoule Records
Pub Ilumnan DVD Ampoule Records
Push Button Objects A Day In A Life CD Skam Cardboard sleeve
Quinoline Yellow Cyriack Parasol CD Skam Cardboard sleeve incl. piece of toilet paper
Quinoline Yellow Colour Index 3"CD Uchelfa Ltd. Edition
Quinoline Yellow LMW Motors 3"CD Skam Ltd. Edition
Quinoline Yellow Uchel001 3"CD Uchelfa Ltd. Edition
R.E.M. Murmur CD EMI
R.E.M. Automatic For The People CD Warner
R.E.M. Out Of Time CD Warner
R.E.M. Monster CD Warner
R.E.M. Eponymous CD I.R.S.
R.E.M. Document CD I.R.S.
Radiohead Kid A CD EMI
Radiohead Amnesiac CD EMI Ltd. Edition hardcover book
Radiohead Hail To The Thief CD EMI Special Edition map-style/poster package
Radiohead OK Computer CD EMI
Radiohead Com Lag (2plus2isfive) CD EMI Ltd. Japan Edition
Rausch Good Luck CD Phonogram
Rechenzentrum The John Peel Session CD Kitty-Yo Digipack
Red Snapper Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper CD WARP
Red Snapper Making Bones CD WARP
Red Snapper Prince Blimey CD WARP
Red Snapper Red Snapper CD Lo Recordings Ltd.Edition, Digipack
Red Snapper It´s All Good CD Keep Diggin´ Rec.
Red Snapper Redone CD Lo Recordings Red Snapper Remixed
Regular Fries Accept The Signal CD JBO Cardboard sleeve
Regular Fries War On Plastic Plants CD JBO
Repeat Repeats CD A13
REQ Car Paint Scheme CD WARP
Richard Devine Lipswitch CD WARP Ltd.Edition, Cardboard sleeve
Richard H. Kirk Ugly Spirit CD Mute
Richard H. Kirk Agents With False Memories CD Ash
Richard H. Kirk Knowledge Through Science CD Mute Cardboard Gatefold Cover
Ride I Don´t Know Where It Comes From CDS Creation
Ride Twisterella CDS Sire
Ride Leave Them All Behind CDS Sire
Ride Carnival Of Light CD Sire Promo in cardboard sleeve
Ride Nowhere CD Sire
Ride Birdman CDS Creation
Ride Tarantula CD Creation
Ride Today Forever EP CD Creation
Ride Smile CD Creation
Ride How Does It Feel To Feel ? CDS Creation
Ride Meltdown 12" Not On Label Bootleg
Ride Black Nite Crash 12" Creation
Ride How Does It Feel To Feel ? 12" Creation
Ride Birdman 12" Creation
Ride Today Forever EP 12" Creation Promo, White Label
Ride Today Forever EP 12" Sire
Ride Twisterella 12" Creation
Ride Fall EP 12" Creation
Ride Live Light 2x12" Mutiny
Ride Going Blank Again MC Creation
Ride Fall EP CD Creation Cardboard sleeve
Ride Play EP CD Creation Cardboard sleeve
Ride Ride EP CD Creation Cardboard sleeve
Ride / Motorcycle Ride Union City Blue & Atomic 7" Not On Label
Röyksopp Melody A.M. CD Wall Of Sound Rec.
Sancho Mystery Year CD Seed Records Promo
Sandoz Every man Got Dreaming CD Touch Richard H. Kirk
Sandoz God Bless The Conspiracy CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Sandoz Intensely Radioactive CD Touch Richard H. Kirk
Sandoz Afrocentris CD Intone Richard H. Kirk
Sandoz Digital Lifeforms CD Touch Richard H. Kirk
Sandoz Sandoz In Dub - Chant To Jah CD Soul Jazz First Edtion on Soul Jazz - No Case
Savath + Savalas Folk Songs For Trains, Trees And Honey CD WARP Digipack
Scala Beauty Nowhere CD Touch
Scala To You In Alpha CD Too Pure
Seed 5x5 Series Seed 5x5/1 CD Seed Records Ltd. Edition, 100 Copies, Spare CD, No Bag
Seed 5x5 Series Seed 5x5/2 CD Seed Records Ltd. Edition, 100 Copies incl. White Bag
Seed 5x5 Series Seed 5x5/3 CD Seed Records Ltd. Edition, 100 Copies incl. White Bag
Seed 5x5 Series Seed 5x5/4 CD Seed Records Ltd. Edition, 100 Copies incl. White Bag
Seed 5x5 Series Seed 5x5/5 CD Seed Records Ltd. Edition, 100 Copies incl. White Bag and add. Digitonal Live Mix CD
Seefeel (Ch-Vox) CD Rephlex No cover or booklet
Seefeel Quique CD Too Pure
Seefeel Succour CD WARP
Sergej Auto Achtung Auto CD Saas Fee Digipack
Simon Raymonde Blame Someone Else CD Bella Union
Six By Seven The Things We Make CD Mantra Digipack
Slowdive Pygmalion Outtkates CD Oriental
Sly and Robbie Drum & Bass Strip To The Bone By Howie B CD Palm
Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers CD Geffen Promo in cardboard sleeve
Sonic Youth Washing Mashine CD Geffen
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation CD DGC
Sonic Youth Dirty CD DGC
Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse CD Geffen
Space Monkeys The Daddy Of Them All CD Factory
Space Raiders Don´t Be Daft CD Skint
Spacemen 3 Dreamweapon CD 3rd Stone
Spacemen 3 Playing With Fire CD Rough Trade
Spectrum Indian Summer CD Silvertone Ltd. Numbered Edition, No.3819, Sonic Boom
Spirea X Fireblade Skies CD 4AD
Spiritualized Pure Phase CD Dedicated Ltd. Edition
Spiritualized Lazer Guided Melodies CD Dedicated
Spiritualized Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space CD Dedicated Ltd. Edition
Spiritualized Let It Come Down CD Spacemen Ltd. Edition
Spiritualized Amazing Grace CD Spacemen Ltd. Edition
Spooky Found Sound CD A&M
Squarepusher Go Plastic CD WARP Promo in Zomba cardboard sleeve
Starpower Orbital Sander CD SFTRI
Sten Leaving The Frantic CD
Step Write Run Alphaphone Vol.1 2CD Alphaphone Richard H. Kirk
Steppenwolf Gold CD MCA
Stereo MC´s Deep Down & Dirty CD Island
Stereo MC´s DJ Kicks CD Studio K7
Stereo MC´s 33-45-78 CD Island
Stereolab Dots And Loops CD Warner
Sugar Copper Blue CD Creation
Suicide Why Be Blue CD Revega
Sun Murdernature CD Gun
Superchunk No Pocky For Kitty CD City Slang
Supergrass I Should Coco CD EMI
Swervedriver Mezcal Head CD A&M
Tali Lyric On My Lip CD Full Cycle Promo
Talking Heads Remain In Light CD Warner
Talvin Singh Anokha - Sounds Of The Asian Underground CD Omni
Tele:funken/Flying Saucer Attack Dinstant Station CD Domino
Terranova Close The Door CD Studio K7 Promo , uncensored cover
Terranova B-Sides & Remix Sessions CD Copasetik
Terranova Hitchhiking Nonstop With No Particular Destination CD Studio K7 Digipack
Terranova Peace Is Tough CD Studio K7 Digipack
Terranova Digital Tenderness CD Ministry Of Sound Digipack
Texas Mothers Heaven CD Phonogram
Texas Southside CD Phonogram
TGM You Decide CD Combination Records The Green Man, Digipack
The Avalanches Since I Left You CD XL-Recordings Digipack
The Avalanches At Last Alone CD Modular Recordings Ltd. Japan Edition, Special Case
The Black Dog Parallel CD GPR
The Black Dog Temple Of Transparent Balls CD GPR
The Black Dog Music For Adverts (and short films) CD WARP
The Black Dog Spanners CD WARP
The Black Dog Peel Session CD WARP
The Black Dog & Black Sifichi Unsavoury Products CD Hydrogen Dukebox with Black Sifichi, Special Case
The Black Dog Silenced CD Dust Science Housed in a DVD case, Promo
The Black Dog & Black Sifichi Genetically Modified CD Hydrogen Dukebox Promo
The Black Dog feat. Ofra Haza Babylon CD Warner CD2
The Black Dog feat. Ofra Haza Babylon CD Warner CD1, ltd. Double Digipack
The Bluetones Expecting To Fly CD Paradox
The Boo Radleys Giant Steps CD Creation
The Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust CD Virgin
The Chemical Brothers Surrender CD Virgin
The Chemical Brothers Come With Us CD Virgin
The Chemical Brothers Singles 93-03 2CD Virgin Ltd. Edition incl. Bonus Mix CD
The Darkside Melomania CD Beggars Banquet Spacemen 3, Spiritualized
The Dylans The Dylans CD BMG
The Egg Travelator CD China Rec.
The Experimental Pop Band The Tracksuit Trilogy CD City Slang
The Fall Code:Selfish CD Cog-Sinister wrong cover
The Fall Grotesque CD Cog-Sinister
The Fall Extricate CD Cog-Sinister
The Fall Cerebral Caustic CD Permanent
The Fall Why Are People Grudgeful? CDS Permanent
The Jesus And Mary Chain Automatic CD Warner
The Jesus And Mary Chain Munki CD Sony
The Jesus And Mary Chain The Sound Of Speed CD Warner
The Jesus And Mary Chain Come On CDS Warner
The Jesus And Mary Chain The Peel Sessions CD Strange Fruit
The Jesus And Mary Chain Stoned & Dethroned CD Warner
The Lightning Seeds Cloudcuckooland CD Ghetto
The Mighty Lemon Drops Sound... CD Sire
The Orb Back To Mine CD DMC
The Other People Place Lifestyles On The Laptop Cafe CD WARP
The Police Their Greatest Hits CD A&M
The Stone Roses The Complete Stone Roses 2CD Silvertone Ltd. Edition
The Stone Roses Second Coming CD Geffen
The Sundays Reading, Writing And Arithmetic CD Rough Trade
The Tragically Hip Fully Completely CD MCA
The Tragically Hip Road Apples CD MCA
The Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip CD MCA
The Troggs Athens Andover CD Intercord
The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground CD MGM
The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat CD Polygram
The Velvet Underground & Nico Andy Warhol CD MGM
They Might Be Giants Flood CD Elektra
They Might Be Giants John Henry CD Elektra
Thievery Corporation The Mirror Conspiracy CD 4AD
Thievery Corporation Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi CD 4AD
Timco Friction Tape CD Priority
Titanic Bild-Leser Beschimpfen Titanic CD Titanic
TLM Electrastars CD Hydrogen Dukebox
To Rococo Rot The Amateur View CD City Slang
To Rococo Rot Kölner Brett CD Staubgold
To Rococo Rot Veiculo CD City Slang
To Rococo Rot and I-Sound Music Is A Hungry Ghost CD City Slang
Tomcats In Tokyo & Isan Awkward 21 3"CD Awkward Silence Recordings Ltd. Edition
Tonne Soundtoy CD Bip-Hop Incl. Audio Software
Tool Undertow CD BMG
Tortoise Standards CD WARP
Tosca Suzuki In Dub CD G-Stone
Trafficante Is This Now? CD Alphaphone Special Edt. Cardboard sleeve - Richard H. Kirk
Tritop Rosenwinkel CD Infracom
Two Lone Swordsmen Tiny Reminders CD WARP
Two Lone Swordsmen Stay Down CD WARP Promo
Two Lone Swordsmen The Fifth Mission 2CD Emission Audio Output
Two Lone Swordsmen Stockwell Steppas CD Emission Audio Output No Front Cover
Universal Principles Inspiration & Light CD Soma
UNKLE Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats 3CD Not On Label Limited Promo Box
UNKLE Never,Never,Land CD A&M
Urban DK Have A Go Hero CD Critical Mass
Urusei Yatsura We Are Urusei Yatsura CD Che
Utah Saints Two CD Echo
V/A Sound Of The City: Berlin CD Universal Jazz Compiled and Mixed by Jazzanova
V/A Shake Down 2001 CD Shake Digipack
V/A Anakin CD 4AD Digipack, Hidden Track of Cuba
V/A Black Coffee CD Ecco.Chamber
V/A Mixmag pres. Transglobal Airways CD Mixmag Magazine
V/A Ibiza Chillout Vol. 1 2CD ZYX
V/A Reissdorf Force - Smart Dust CD EMI
V/A Idealism One CD i.wax
V/A The Word In The Sound - Fenetik Music CD Soma
V/A Jazzpresso Vol.2 CD Lab Rec. compiled by DJ Shaddy
V/A Jazzpresso Vol.1 CD Lab Rec. compiled by Dani Macciato
V/A Om Lounge 3 CD Om-Rec.
V/A PeterMix CD Ministerium für Staatssicherheit Yeah!
V/A The Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions Vol.1 CD BBC Special Deluxe Ltd. Edition, Digipack
V/A Super Discount CD Source Etienne De Crecy
V/A Dirty Warped Funk CD Hydrogen Dukebox Promo
V/A Warp 10+3 Remixes 2CD WARP
V/A Source Rocks CD Source
V/A Ravelation - 13 Createurs De Rave CD BMG
V/A A Tast Of...3rd Stone Records CD 3rd Stone
V/A VOX Haute Couture CD VOX Magazine
V/A VOX The Spring Collection ´97 CD VOX Magazine
V/A Hello! The Best New Music Of 1997 CD Q Magazine
V/A Vrooom! CD SELECT Magazine
V/A Sonar Kollektiv Compiled By Jazzanova CD Dialog Jazzanova
V/A New Electronica CD New Electronica Special Case
V/A Blue Skied An´ Clear 2CD Morr Music A Tribute To Slowdive - Digipack
V/A Remixed By The Stereo MC´s CD Universal Marketing Digipack
V/A Soma 10 Anthology 2CD Soma Ltd. Edition - 2CD + Bonus Mix CD
V/A Advanced Listening Opportunity CD WARP WARPSAMP1, Cardboard sleeve
V/A Sonar 2001 2CD EFA Sonar Festival Barcelona 2001, Digipack
V/A Chemical Reaction CD Afrodesia Music Incl. 6 Mixes by The Chemical Brothers
V/A Sincerely Yours CD Klein Records Compilation with Sofa Surfers etc.
V/A SMAK 01/02 2CD Skam SMAK Case Logic CD wallet
V/A Disco Pogo For Punks In Pumps Vol.10 CD Jockey Slut Jockey Slut
V/A 161 CD Skam
V/A Blechsdöttir: The Nexus Phase CD WARP
V/A Magic Bus Tracks CD WARP
V/A Mealtime CD Planet Mu
V/A Ultimate Drum And Bass Album 6CD Decadance 6CD Box
V/A Skam Cats 2CD Skam Ltd. Edition with fake fur sleeve
V/A Skampler CD Skam Ltd. Edition In Black Box
V/A Sacred Symbols of Mu 2CD Planet Mu
V/A Seed Records Volume One CD Seed Records
V/A Sampler CD WARP WARPSAMP8, Cardboard sleeve, Promo
V/A WARPMART 1 CD WARP Ltd. Edition (1000 Copies), DVD sized card sleeve, No. 545
V/A Mixmag pres. Switch "House Bash-Up Mix" CD Mixmag Magazine Switch "House Bash-Up Mix"
V/A Switches CD Audiobulb Records
V/A Breakbeat Science: Exercise.003 CD Commercial Suicide Mixed by Klute
V/A Margin CD WARP WARPSAMP7, Clear Jewel Case, Promo
V/A Introducing Vol.1 CD
V/A Deafening Divinities With Aural Affinities CD Beggars Banquet
Velvet Crush Teenage Symphonies To God CD Sony
Verbose Observe CD Neo Ouija
Verbose Aperture CD Unlabel Ltd. Edition, 100 Copies
Verbose Wonder CD Moamoo Ltd. 1000, Digipack, Japan OBI
Vladislav Delay Entain CD Mille Plateaux Digipack
Von Südenfed Tromatic Reflexxions CD Domino Promo
Wildplanet Blueprint CD WARP
X-Press 2 Muzikizum CD Skint
Yimino Egg Noodles EP CD Weird Eye Records
Yimino The Evolution Of Bulbuss And The Polymorphic Nightmare CD Weird Eye Records
Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out CD Matador Digipack
Yo La Tengo Electr-o-pura CD City Slang
Yo La Tengo Painful CD City Slang
Yo La Tengo I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One 2CD Matador Ltd. Edition ink. Extra-CD with remixes
Yo La Tengo President Yo La Tengo / New Wave Hot Dogs CD City Slang
Yo La Tengo That Is Yo La Tengo CD City Slang
Yo La Tengo Summer Sun CD Matador Digipack
Yo La Tengo Prisoners Of Love 3CD Matador Ltd. 3CD
Yo La Tengo I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass CD Matador Digipack
Yo La Tengo The Sound Of The Sounds of Science CD Yo La Tengo
Zero 7 Simple Things CD Ultimate Dilemma Digipack
Zero 7 When It Falls CD Ultimate Dilemma
Zero 7 The Garden CD Atlantic Promo