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Living and working in Frankfurt/Germany | Age 3+X

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The intention of this site is to share my thoughts about electronic and contemporary music, inform about interesting new records, give recommendations, write reviews and provide you with free MP3 downloads (only legal stuff of course)

About commerce:

I am trying to avoid adverts as I don’t wanna make money with this site. Everything on the www should be free.

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I was forced by the bloody music industry (and their friendly lawyers) to stop using hyperlinks, hence I only use fixed links with target=”_blank” (HTML).

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This site is powered by WordPress using the Suburbia Theme by WPSHOWER & MOODYGUY which I amended slightly.

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This site contains third-party information and links to other Internet sites. I have no knowledge of information contained in other Internet sites and accept no liability whatsoever for such third-party information.

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