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Death In Vegas – Transmission – Drone

I somehow missed the Death in Vegas album ‘Trans-Love Energies’ from 2011 even though I liked all DIV releases since the mighty ‘Contino Sessions’. OK, I got ‘Trans-Love Energies’ now and I think it’s great. […]

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Pye Corner Audio – Zomby – patten

Looking forward to these album which will be released in August and September: 26/08: Pye Corner Audio – Stasis 01/09: Zomby – Ultra 16/09 : patten – Ψ (Psi)

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Konx-Om-Pax – Caramel – Planet Mu

Konx-Om-Pax is Scotish born and Berlin based Tom Scholefield. Whilst his debut album Regional Surrealism was not really accessible it now seems he has found his sound – rather beatless but with synths, structure, a […]

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Vatican Shadow – Media In The Service Of Terror – Hospital Records

When you follow this blog you may have already realised that I quite like Industrial Techno and Noise – as long as it goes together with IDM or at least a melodic sound. During the […]

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May 2016 Recommendations

May is almost over but here two albums which grow with every listen. Mark Pritchard’s debut album ‘Under The Sun’ is excellent and very different to his recent work like the ‘Make A Livin’ EP […]

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Plaid – The Digging Remedy – WARP

New Plaid album announced for 10th of June. Uncover the lead track, ‘CLOCK’, on http://www.thediggingremedy.com Tracklist of The Digging Remedy: 01.Do Matter 02.Dilatone 03.CLOCK 04.The Bee 05.Melifer 06.Baby Step Giant Step 07.Yu Mountain 08.Lambswood 09.Saladore […]

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The Range – Potential – Domino Rec.

There’s currently not much going on in the electronic music scene. The new M83 album ‘Junk’ is what it says. The worst funky Daft Punk clone I ever heard. I still listen to my March […]

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